Here at Loader we love retro and 8-bit and 16-bit and time-travel and a little bit more. So we wanted to do some stuff which harks back to the retro era.

"Retro era?", I hear you say. Yes. Back to the olden days when things were simpler. Retro is a feeling. A comforting feeling.

So stay a while, look around, and we'd love you to get in touch.

Loader Films

At Loader Entertainment we aim to bring that in-previous-decades feel to films.

Beautiful 80s films. Proper models, not over-used CGI.

Loader Games

Not a ZX Spectrum palette. Although good for games, not good for reading on a webpage.

When games were proper games, no hand-holding.

Loader Music

8-bit music / 16-bit samples. Now there's a thing. Either contemporary music that uses 8-bit effects, or actual old skool SID or ZX Spectrum beeper music.

Though, of course, that is through the child like remembrance of a filter that distorts reality. Each time you remember when you were young, especially back to early teens through to twenty, you remember the last time you remembered the memory. So it distorts.